PharmaTrack: Pharmaceutical Scanning and Tracking

Another system we are working on developing. Still utilizing our Patent Pending technology we have created this program to comply with State DOE requirements that pharmaceuticals are treated differently than other waste streams.

Each violation can result in a fine of $10,000 daily.

PharmaTrack allows real-time monitoring and reporting via a simple to use cloud based User Interface. All relevant information is revealed on a user friendly Dashboard that allows for deeper analysis by the user when needed.

Managers are also able to assign tasks, bulk upload items, and conduct internal audits.

Currently in test here are some of the features:

  1. Secure sign-in using MD5 hashed passwords
  2. Complete session security
  3. Simulate a scan
  4. Security so that only the manager can view, edit, and add their employees
  5. Security for reporting of only the employees of the signed in manager
  6. Employee ID to name lookup to ensure accuracy, if the ID is entered incorrectly the user is notified to try again
  7. Security that notifies a manager if they attempt to edit a record not associated with their employee
  8. Ability of the user to add items to the database to be scanned
  9. Bulk add to allow the user to add up to 100 items via an Excel spreadsheet
  10. View all employees assigned to manager from first sign in

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