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Taking performance management into the digital age. Our system allows a manager to conduct performance assessments in person, email a link to the employee upon completion at which time the employee digitally signs their review. All digital time stamps are automatically added and is fully audit-able.

Our system monitors for when an employee review is due and proactively emails the manager to let them know a review is upcoming.

Similar to our other solutions we show everything on a user friendly Dashboard.

Features include:

  1. Secure sign-in using MD5 hashed passwords
  2. Complete session security
  3. Simulate a review
  4. Security so that only the manager can view, edit, and add their employees
  5. Security for reporting of only the employees of the signed in manager
  6. Employee ID to review lookup to authenticate the employee to their review
  7. Daily email notifications of upcoming reviews
  8. Daily email notifications of overdue reviews
  9. Simple to use tiled dashboard showing all items of interest on one screen
  10. Manager email to employee containing link for employee to digitally sign review
  11. Employee receives error if attempting to access another users review
  12. View all employees assigned to manager from first sign in

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