MedCT: Medical Courier Tracker

We were approached a couple weeks ago to build an application that would allow for a hospital to track the pickup, transport, and subsequent delivery of human tissue within a hospital.

They had a pretty solid system in place but it was very manual and prone to human error.

Our solution is to leverage their scanning systems that are already in place to avoid having them redo a lot of work but then remove the portions that are error prone.

To solve this we are in the process of building MedCT, the Medical Courier Tracker.

Using Microsoft Tags and some custom code we are now able to offer a solution that automatically collects information about the package, date, time, location, and person transporting the item. In addition to automating nearly all aspects of the information collection we then hold the information in a database that offers reporting, real-time tracking, and alerting capabilities.

The hospital will soon be able to have the piece of mind that comes with knowing the status of theĀ transportationĀ of the package but also be able to measure the performance of their Courier.

MedCT will decrease hospital costs by increasing the efficiency and accuracy of human tissue transportation. Reporting from the system allows the management staff to measure the courier performance and quantify that performance against competitive rates.

Currently estimated to save approximately $45,000 annually for each location our system is deployed to.