Manliness for Windows Phone Released

It’s official the “Manliness” app is now live on the Windows Phone Store! Best of all, its FREE!

Standing in line waiting to check out at the grocery store I found myself killing some time flipping through pictures on my phone when I realized I was skipping through a lot wasn’t that interesting to me. What if there were an app that had nothing but hot women, fast cars, and fancy houses… Like the Drudge Report of apps…

So we created the Manliness app on Windows Phone.

Luxury lifestyle, hot women, and fast cars. Want more? How about guns, UFC, trucks, car wrecks, and awesome houses? If you are a real man those things are probably appealing and therefore, so is this app. New images added daily, sometimes hourly! 100’s to browse through.

Download it today…


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DHCSystems: Digital Health Care Systems

A cross platform, cloud based, solution developed to bring the suite of products together in a single location. Built to use a tiled interface similar to Windows 8 the Dashboard is easy to use and secure.

Available to Health Care Service Providers nationally we have very strict access controls while allowing users to monitor, report, and manage their business from anywhere in the world. Several systems offer real-time monitoring via their mobile device while all solutions support PC, Mac, Android and most tablets.

Currently testing at

DutyTrack: Duty and Activity Tracking

This system was built to monitor the activities conducted by an employee throughout the day. Tasks must be clear, actionable, measurable, and reportable with the ability to audit or track performance. This is what the DutyTrack solution offers.

From the Dashboard the user can see the number of activities completed over the last few days, bulk upload a list of tasks, assign tasks to their employees, and edit all of the activities currently assigned to employees in their organization.

An employee can also simply go to a list of duties assigned to them from their mobile device. Managers can quickly deploy employees to higher priority tasks quickly and easily.

Currently in testing.

HRWeb: Human Resources @Web

Taking performance management into the digital age. Our system allows a manager to conduct performance assessments in person, email a link to the employee upon completion at which time the employee digitally signs their review. All digital time stamps are automatically added and is fully audit-able.

Our system monitors for when an employee review is due and proactively emails the manager to let them know a review is upcoming.

Similar to our other solutions we show everything on a user friendly Dashboard.

Features include:

  1. Secure sign-in using MD5 hashed passwords
  2. Complete session security
  3. Simulate a review
  4. Security so that only the manager can view, edit, and add their employees
  5. Security for reporting of only the employees of the signed in manager
  6. Employee ID to review lookup to authenticate the employee to their review
  7. Daily email notifications of upcoming reviews
  8. Daily email notifications of overdue reviews
  9. Simple to use tiled dashboard showing all items of interest on one screen
  10. Manager email to employee containing link for employee to digitally sign review
  11. Employee receives error if attempting to access another users review
  12. View all employees assigned to manager from first sign in

PharmaTrack: Pharmaceutical Scanning and Tracking

Another system we are working on developing. Still utilizing our Patent Pending technology we have created this program to comply with State DOE requirements that pharmaceuticals are treated differently than other waste streams.

Each violation can result in a fine of $10,000 daily.

PharmaTrack allows real-time monitoring and reporting via a simple to use cloud based User Interface. All relevant information is revealed on a user friendly Dashboard that allows for deeper analysis by the user when needed.

Managers are also able to assign tasks, bulk upload items, and conduct internal audits.

Currently in test here are some of the features:

  1. Secure sign-in using MD5 hashed passwords
  2. Complete session security
  3. Simulate a scan
  4. Security so that only the manager can view, edit, and add their employees
  5. Security for reporting of only the employees of the signed in manager
  6. Employee ID to name lookup to ensure accuracy, if the ID is entered incorrectly the user is notified to try again
  7. Security that notifies a manager if they attempt to edit a record not associated with their employee
  8. Ability of the user to add items to the database to be scanned
  9. Bulk add to allow the user to add up to 100 items via an Excel spreadsheet
  10. View all employees assigned to manager from first sign in

MedCT: Medical Courier Tracker

We were approached a couple weeks ago to build an application that would allow for a hospital to track the pickup, transport, and subsequent delivery of human tissue within a hospital.

They had a pretty solid system in place but it was very manual and prone to human error.

Our solution is to leverage their scanning systems that are already in place to avoid having them redo a lot of work but then remove the portions that are error prone.

To solve this we are in the process of building MedCT, the Medical Courier Tracker.

Using Microsoft Tags and some custom code we are now able to offer a solution that automatically collects information about the package, date, time, location, and person transporting the item. In addition to automating nearly all aspects of the information collection we then hold the information in a database that offers reporting, real-time tracking, and alerting capabilities.

The hospital will soon be able to have the piece of mind that comes with knowing the status of the transportation of the package but also be able to measure the performance of their Courier.

MedCT will decrease hospital costs by increasing the efficiency and accuracy of human tissue transportation. Reporting from the system allows the management staff to measure the courier performance and quantify that performance against competitive rates.

Currently estimated to save approximately $45,000 annually for each location our system is deployed to.